Albers, Heidi J.

Professor, Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania until November 2013

Office Location: 
336 Richardson Hall
Email Address: 

Applied Economics

Educational Background: 
  • B.S., Geology and Economics, Duke University, 1985
  • M.S., Environmental Studies, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 1987, Focus on natural resource economics
  • Ph.D., Economics, University of California at Berkeley, 1993, Fields: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Prof. Albers is a Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania studying biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation policy in marine, forest, and savannah settings until November 2013 and in spring 2014.


Current Courses:

  • FES 641: Sustainable Development and Resource Economics
  • AEc 653: Spatial Economics of Renewable Resources

Former Courses:

  • FOR 330: Forest Economics I
  • FOR 332: Risk and Decision-Making for Natural Resource Management
  • FOR 599: Ecological and Economic Impact of Non-native Forest Pests and Pathogens. NCEAS-sponsored course. Co-taught with Shaw.
Research Interests: 

My primary research interests lie in two areas: natural resource management in low-income countries with an emphasis on biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation; and bio-economic modeling of natural systems to generate spatially explicit management. Recent and current research topics include non-timber forest product extraction and forest reserve policy in Tanzania; coastal conservation in Tanzania, Costa Rica, and South Africa; REDD policies; invasive species in a river network; spatial patterns of enforcement and livelihood projects for conservation; and land and resource management under risk and uncertainty, including species conservation and forest management with fire risk. Although empirically-motivated and policy-oriented, my research typically develops and analyzes models of ecosystem and human behavior through the use of computational methods rather than econometrics.

Graduate Students: 
I am a natural resource economist and require my students to develop economics as their primary skill set through coursework and application during research. I typically advise students who participate in the Applied Economics graduate degree programs. I do, however, enjoy being a committee member for students with a wide range of interests, tools, and perspectives. In communication with me, please make reference to your background in economics and your willingness to complete graduate level courses in economics.
Selected Publications: 
  1. “Implementing REDD through Community-Based Forest Management: Lessons from Tanzania.” Elizabeth J Z Robinson, Heidi J Albers, Charles Meshack, and Razack Lokina, Natural Resources Forum. A United Nations Sustainable Development Journal. Forthcoming 2013.
  2. “The role of incentives for sustainable implementation of Marine Protected Areas: An example from Tanzania.” Elizabeth J Z Robinson, Heidi J Albers, and Stephen L Kirama. Forthcoming in the International Journal of Sustainable Society. Special Issue: The contribution of protected areas to sustainability (guest eds. M. Getzner and M. Jungmeier).
  3. “The Impact of Buffer Zone Size and Management on Illegal Extraction, Park Protection, and Enforcement.” EJZ Robinson, HJ Albers, and Gwen Busby. Forthcoming in Ecological Economics. (available online July, 2012)
  4. “Wildfire Risk Management in a Landscape with Fragmented Ownership: Spatial Interactions.” Gwenlyn M. Busby, Heidi J. Albers, and Claire Montgomery. Land Economics 8(3) 496-517. 2012.
  5. “The trees and the bees: Using enforcement and income projects to protect forests and rural livelihoods through spatial joint production.” HJ Albers and EJZ Robinson. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 40(3):424-438. December 2011.
  6. “Sizing Protected Areas within a Landscape: The Roles of Villagers’ Reaction and the Ecological-Socioeconomic Setting.” Elizabeth J.Z. Robinson, Heidi J. Albers, and Jeffrey C. Williams. Land Economics 87(2):233-249. 2011.
  7. “Optimal Spatial Patterns of Fuel Management and Timber Harvest with Risk.” Masashi Konoshima, Heidi .J. Albers, Claire A. Montgomery, and Jeffrey L. Arthur. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 40:95-108. 2010.
  8. “Spatial Modeling of Extraction and Enforcement in Developing Country Protected Areas.” H.J. Albers. Resource and Energy Economics. 32(2):165-179. 2010.
  9. “Invasive Species in a Spatially Heterogeneous World: Spatial vs. Uniform Policies.” Heidi J. Albers, Carolyn Fisher, and Jim Sanchirico. Resource and Energy Economics. 32:483-499. 2010.
  10. “Spatial and Temporal Aspects of Non-Timber Forest Product Extraction: The Role of Community Resource Management.” E.J.Z. Robinson, H.J. Albers, and J.C. Williams. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 56(3):234-245. 2008.