Bliss, John

Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs

Office Location: 
140 Peavy Hall
Email Address: 

Private forest policy, forest-based rural development

Educational Background: 
  • Ph.D., 1988, Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S., 1979, Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.A., 1973, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Resilient Rural Communities (FOR 499). In this experiential learning field class, students from OSU and Akita International University, Japan, learn together at rural sites in Oregon and Akita Prefecture, Japan.
  • Communities and Natural Resources (FOR 511/611). An interdisciplinary experiential learning course for graduate students focusing on relationships between the well-being of rural communities and the natural resources surrounding them.
  • Social Dimensions of Sustainable Natural Resources (SNR 520). This online course explores five social sustainability principles and the role they play in creating sustainable natural resources.
  • Ecosystem Services; Ecology, Sociology, Policy (FS 492/592). Taught every Fall and Spring since 2010, 3 credits. This course explores the ecological, social and policy dimensions of enhancing and sustaining ecosystem services.
Research Interests: 
NOTE: Due to my administrative appointment I am not currently pursuing new research opportunities or recruiting new graduate students.

Private forest policy, forest-based rural development, integration of qualitative and quantitative research methods, integration of social and ecological research.

Graduate Students: 
Essentially all of my research is undertaken in collaboration with graduate students. To varying degrees students take responsibility for the design and implementation of the research leading to their theses. My principal roles are those of coach, critical reviewer, and sounding board.
Current graduate students (Fall, 2013):
  • Sophia Polasky, PhD. Rural community resilience in East Africa.
  • Meagan Nuss, MS. Adoption of heat-led bioenergy systems in Eastern Oregon.
  • Donald Ulrich, MS. Community participation in fisheries management, Samar, Philippines.
  • Joanie Schmidgal, MF. Demonstrating multiple use management on the Cameron Demonstration forest.

Selected Publications: 
  1. Donoghue, Ellen, Sara Thompson, and John C. Bliss. 2009. Tribal-federal collaboration in resource management. Journal of Ecological Anthropology vol. 13. Accepted for publication 2/12/09.
  2. Fischer, A. Paige, and John C. Bliss. 2009. Framing conservation on private lands: Conserving oak in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Accepted 04/15/08 for publication in Society & Natural Resources.
  3. Kelly, Erin C., and John C. Bliss. 2009. Healthy forests, healthy communities: A new paradigm for natural resource-dependent communities? Accepted 12/20/07 for publication in Society and Natural Resources.
  4. Bliss, John C. 2008. Family Forest Owners. Chapter 11 in Ellen M. Donoghue and Victoria E. Sturtevant, editors, Community and Forest Connections. WA DC: Resources for the Future. P. 205 – 218.
  5. Bliss, John C., and Erin C. Kelly. 2008. Comparative advantages of small-scale forestry among emerging forestland tenures. Small-scale Forestry 7(1): 95 - 104.
  6. Fisher, A. Paige, and John C. Bliss. 2008. Behavioral assumptions of conservation policy: Conserving oak habitat on family forestland in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Conservation Biology 22(2): 275-283.

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