Bond, Barbara

Emeritus Professor

Office Location: 
A312E Kerr
Email Address: 

Forest Tree Physiology

Educational Background: 
  • B.S., 1972, University of California, Irvine
  • M.S., 1984, Oregon State University
  • Ph.D., 1992, Oregon State University
Research Interests: 
Physiological processes, especially water and carbon relations, at whole tree and forest ecosystem scales. Development of new tools and techniques for measuring and monitoring physiological processes in forests.
Current Research: 
Director of Postdoctoral Programs, OSU Graduate School
Research Support: 
  1. Bond, B.J., T. Fiez, M.H. Unsworth, H. Liu, H. and T. Nguyen. 2005-2008. "SIRG: A wireless network of battery-free sensors for atmosphere-biosphere studies" in Bond, B.J., T. Fiez, H. Liu, T. Nguyen, and M. Unsworth, "SIRG: A wireless network of battery-free sensors for atmosphere-biosphere studies in complex environments". (NSF)
  2. Bond, B.J., M. Unsworth, A. Mix and E. Sulzman. 2004-2008. Airsheds, isotopes and ecosystem processes in complex terrain. (NSF)
  3. Bond, B.J. 2003-2007. Impacts of plantations of exotic trees on water sources in Patagonia. (NSF)
Selected Publications: 
For a complete list of publications, with links to the articles, see Barbara's Publications Page.