Burton, Julia

Research Associate (Post-doc)

Office Location: 
301H Richardson Hall
Email Address: 

Forest community & landscape ecology; Silviculture; Spatial analysis

Educational Background: 

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2011
M.S. University of Minnesota, 2004
B.S. University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, 2002

Research Interests: 
  • Diversity maintenance
  • Overstory-understory linkages in forests
  • Role of plant traits in driving community structure and function
  • Effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on forest adaptability to climate and landscape change
Current/Recent Programs: 
Selected Publications: 
  1. Olson, D.H. and J.I. Burton. 2014. Near-term effects of repeated-thinning with riparian buffers on headwater stream vertebrates and habitats in Oregon, USA. Forests 5(11), 2703-2729. PDF
  2. Burton, J.I., L.M. Ganio and K.J. Puettmann. 2014. Multi-scale spatial controls of understory vegetation in Douglas-fir – western hemlock forests of western Oregon, USA. Ecosphere 5(12): article 151. PDF
  3. Burton, J.I., D.J. Mladenoff, J.A. Forrester, M.K. Clayton. 2014. Linking canopy gap size, resources and productivity to the maintenance of diversity in forest ground-layer plant communities. Journal of Ecology 102: 1634-1648. PDF
  4. Dodson, E.K., J.I. Burton and K.J. Puettmann. 2014. Multi-scale controls on natural regeneration dynamics after partial overstory removal in Douglas-fir forests in western Oregon, USA. Forest Science 60(5): 953-961. PDF
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  6. Burton, J. I., A. Ares, D. H. Olson, and K. J. Puettmann. 2013. Management trade-off between aboveground carbon storage and understory plant species richness in temperate forests. Ecological Applications 23:1297-1310. PDF
  7. Burton, J.I., D.J. Mladenoff, M.K. Clayton and J.A. Forrester. 2011. The roles of environmental filtering and colonization in the fine-scale spatial patterning of ground-layer plant communities in north temperate deciduous forests. Journal of Ecology. 99(3):764-776. PDF
  8. Dyer, J.H., S.T. Gower, J.A. Forrester, C.G. Lorimer, D.J. Mladenoff and J.I. Burton. Effects of selective tree harvests on aboveground biomass and productivity of a second-growth northern hardwood forest. 2010. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40(12):2360-2369. PDF
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