Creighton, Janean

OSU Extension Specialist

Office Location: 
110 FSL
Email Address: 

Forest Science Delivery, College of Forestry

Educational Background: 
  • Ph.D., 2005 Natural Resources and Environment, Washington State University
  • M.S., 1996 Wildlife Biology, Washington State University
  • B.A., 1983 Theater Arts, Cornish Institute of the Arts
Research Interests: 
Extension program focus:
Forest science delivery: Oregon State University and USFS PNW Research Station partnership.
Current/Recent Programs: 
Current research projects:
Determining the state of knowledge of private forest landowners in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska regarding global climate change, and the impacts to forest management.

Past research projects:

  • Identifying and addressing social constraints involved with the use of prescribed fire in forest ecosystems of the Ouachita and Ozark regions in Arkansas.
  • Responses of family forest owners in Western Washington to increased development pressures, and the implications for forest fragmentation.
Selected Publications: 
  1. Creighton, J.H., K.A. Blatner, and M.S. Carroll. 2008. People, place and politics: The role of place attachment and conflict in rural communities. Western Journal of Applied Forestry. 23(4):232-235.
  2. Johnson, J.E., J.H. Creighton, and E.R.Norland. 2006. Building a foundation for success in natural resources extension education: An international perspective. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. 13(3), 33-45.
  3. Creighton, J.H. and D.M. Baumgartner. 2005. Washington State’s forest regulations: family forest owners’ understanding and opinions. Western Journal of Applied Forestry. 20(3):192-198.
  4. Baumgartner, D.M., J.H. Creighton, and K.A. Blatner. 2003. Use and Effectiveness of Washington State’s Extension Forest Stewardship Program. Small-scale forest economics, management and policy. 2(1): 49-61.
  5. Creighton, J.H., D.M. Baumgartner, and S. D. Gibbs. 2002. Fire Prevention in the Rural/Urban Interface: Washington's Backyard Forest Stewardship/Wildfire Safety Program. Journal of Extension. 40(2).
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