Johnson, K. Norman

University Distinguished Professor

Office Location: 
207 Peavy Hall
Email Address: 

Forest planning, harvest scheduling, public land forest policy

Educational Background: 
  • B.S., 1965, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S., 1969, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Ph.D., 1973, Oregon State University
  • FOR 365 - Issues in Natural Resource Conservation
  • FOR 460 - Forest Policy
  • FOR 561 - Forest Policy Analysis
  • FOR 459 - Forest Resource Planning and Decision Making
Research Interests: 

forest planning, harvest scheduling, public land forest policy

Current/Recent Programs: 
Developing techniques for public forest planning; analyzing forest management policies for public and private land.
Member of the Science Panel of the Oregon State of the Environment Report, a project of the Oregon Progress Board. It will provide environmental information based on conventional scientific indicators. In addition, it will extend that information by developing new sustainability indicators that reflect the status of Oregon's ecosystems.
Graduate Students: 
  • Lauren Goschke - MF
  • Susan Morre - PhD, Forest Resources
  • Cat Newheller - MS, Natural Resource Law and Policy
  • Robbie Titcomb - MS, Natural Resource Law and Policy
Selected Publications: 
  1. Johnson, N.K., and J.F. Franklin. April, 2013. Recommendations for Future Implementation of Ecological Forestry Projects on BLM Western Oregon Forests. BLM Report.  PDF
  2. Franklin, J.F. and N.K. Johnson.  2012. A Restoration Framework for Federal Forests in the Pacific Northwest. Journal of Forestry 110(8):429–439. PDF
  3. Johnson, N.K., and J.F. Franklin.  August, 2009.  Restoration of Federal Forests in the Pacific Northwest: Strategies and Management Implications. Report for Senator Wyden.  Full PDF | Executive Summary
  4. Adams, W. T., S. Hobbs, N. Johnson. March, 2005. Intensively managed forest plantations in the Pacific Northwest: introduction. Journal of Forestry 103: 59-60.
  5. Adams, W. T., S. Hobbs, and N. Johnson. March 2005. Intensively managed forest plantations in the Pacific Northwest: conclusions. Journal of Forestry 103: 99- 100.
  6. Thompson, J. R., M. A. Anderson, and K. N. Johnson. 2004. Ecosystem management across ownerships: The potential for collision with Antitrust Laws. Conservation Biology. 18:1475-1481.
  7. Bettinger, P., M. Lennette, K. N. Johnson, and T. Spies. 2004. A hierarchical spatial framework for forest landscape planning. Ecological Modeling 182: 25-48.
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  9. Spies, T. G. Reeves, K. Burnett, W. McComb, K. N. Johnson, et al. 2002. Assessing the ecological consequences of forest polices in multi-ownership province in Oregon. In J. Liu and W. Taylor, eds. Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Management. Cambridge Univ. Press.
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