Krankina, Olga

Courtesy Professor

Email Address: 

Forest Management, Forest Ecology

Educational Background: 
  • M.S., 1980, St. Petersburg Forest Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Ph.D., 1986, St. Petersburg Forest Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Research Interests: 
Forest management, forest ecology, woody detritus, carbon cycling, Russian forestry, remote sensing of forest and land cover
Current/Recent Programs: 
  1. Northern Eurasia Land Dynamics Analysis (NELDA) NASA-LCLUC 2006-2010 PI Olga N. Krankina (OSU); Co-I J. Masek (GSFC), M. Friedl (BU), C. Woodcock (BU), I. Csiszar (UMD), G. Sun (UMD), J. Morisette (GSFC) 
  2. NELDA-II: Contribution to Studies of LCLUC in Northern Eurasia NASA-LCLUC, 2009-2011, PI Olga N. Krankina; Co-PI Robert E. Kennedy.  See project summary (PDF)
  3. Collaboration to Test and Apply FAREAST Model Predictions in Russia, 2008-2009. PI Olga N Krankina (OSU); collaboration with H.H. Shugart.
  4. Carbon Sequestration in Pacific Northwest Forests O.N. Krankina and M.E. Harmon (PIs) - Wilburforce Foundation, Conservation Science Program, 2008-2009.

Collaborative activities

  1. Forests and Climate Change Working Group
  2. Global Observation of Forest and Land Dynamics (GOFC-GOLD); Regional Networks coordinator and contact for NERIN (Northern Eurasia Regional Information Network - English | Russian) and CARIN (Central Asia Regional Information Network)
  3. Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, Working Group III “Mitigation of Climate Change”)
Selected Publications: 
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