Rosenberger, Randall S.

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor

Office Location: 
140 Peavy Hall
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Environmental Economics

Educational Background: 
  • B.A., Philosophy, 1988, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A., Applied Ethics, 1992, Colorado State University
  • Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, 1996, Colorado State University
Research Interests: 
Non-market valuation, meta-analysis, benefit transfer, recreation economics, environmental and resource economics
Research Support: 
  1. Economic Measures of Environmental Amenities Database: Hedonic Property Method. 2011-2014. USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; PI: R.S. Rosenberger ($25,000).
  2. Linking People and Landscapes: Using Public Perceptions of Urban Forestry Services to Create New Management Strategies. 2011-2014. Oregon Department of Forestry; co-PIs: J.F. Tynon, J.W.R. Baur, R.S. Rosenberger ($223,836 external; $432,210 total).
  3. A Community-based Framework for Identifying, Estimating and Evaluating Ecosystem Services Associated with Oregon’s Proposed Marine Reserves. 2010-2012. Oregon Sea Grant; PIs: R.S. Rosenberger, G.Sylvia, S Heppell, M. Harte ($179,712).
  4. Oregon SCORP Statewide Survey: 2013-2017 SCORP Resident Participation and Needs Assessment.  2010-2012. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; PIs: R.S. Rosenberger, K.A. Lindberg ($272,000).
  5. Ecological Indicator-Based Method for Valuing Marine Ecosystem Services: Phase I Study.  2010-2011. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; co-PIs: R.S. Rosenberger, R.J. Johnston, G. Sylvia, S. Heppell, M. Harte ($34,937).
  6. OPRD Oregon Parks Visitor Survey.  2009-2011. Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; co-PIs: R.S. Rosenberger, M.D. Needham ($28,000).
Graduate Students: 
  • Lauren Bell
  • Meidan Bu (co-chair with J. Albers)
  • Robert Campbell
  • Peter Freeman
  • Jacob Gjesdahl
Selected Publications: 
  1. Zegre, S.J., Needham, M.D., Kruger, L E., & Rosenberger, R.S. Forthcoming. McDonaldization and commercial outdoor recreation and tourism in Alaska. Managing Leisure.
  2. Kline, J.D, Rosenberger, R.S. and E.M. White. 2011. A National Assessment of Physical Activity in US National Forests. Journal of Forestry 109(6):343-351. PDF
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