Salwasser, Hal


Office Location: 
212 Richardson Hall
Email Address: 

Educational Background: 
  • B.A., 1971, California Sate University, Fresno
  • Ph.D., 1979, University of California, Berkeley
  • Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia, 1988
  • Federal Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program, 1987-88
Research Interests: 

Wildlife, forest and natural resources conservation, policy and management

Selected Publications: 
  1. Arha, K, Hal Salwasser, and Gail Achtermann. The Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds: A Perspective. INR Policy Paper 2003-03. 2003 Institute For Natural Resources January 2003
  2. Salwasser, H. 1999. Ecosystem management: a new perspective for national forests and grasslands. pp 85-96 in 1. Aley, W.R. Burch, B. Conover, and D. Field (eds.) Ecosystem management: adaptive strategies natural resource organizations in the 21st century. Taylor and Francis, Inc. Philadelphia, PA
  3. Salwasser, H., S.. Morton, and R. Rasker. 1998. The role of wildlands in sustaining communities and economies and vice versa. pp 90-95 in A-E. Watson, G.H. Aplet and J.C. Hendee (compilers) Personal, societal, and Ecological Values of Wilderness: Sixth World Wilderness Congress Proceedings on Research, Management, and Allocation, Volume 1, Bangalore, India. USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Proceedings RMRS-P-4, Fort Collins, CO.
  4. Salwasser, H. 1997. Conserving biodiversity: sustaining the parts and processes of healthy ecosystem. pp 1-13 in N. Baker (ed.) Biodiversity: toward operational definitions, The 1995 Plum Creek Lectures, School of Forestry, The University of Montana-Missoula
  5. Salwasser, H., J.A- Caplan, C.W. Cartwright, A.T. Doyle, W.B. Kessler, B.G. Marcot, and L. Stritch. 1996. Conserving biodiversity through ecosystem management. in R.C. Szaro and D.W. Johnston (eds.) Biodiversity in managed landscapes. Oxford Univ. Press, NY, pp 548-573.
  6. Salwasser, H. 1995. Ecosystem management: broadening perspectives on relationships among people, land, and resources. in B. Shelby and S. Arbogast (comp.) 1995 Starker Lectures, Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Corvallis, OR pp 45-68.

Selected Presentations:

  1. Restoring Federal Forests for Prosperity in the American West. Foresters Forum, Coeur D'Alene, ID. February 9, 2012. PDF
  2. Restoring Federal Forests in Oregon's Future OR. SAF Meeting, Bend, OR. October 13, 2011.  PDF
  3. Forests in Oregon's Future. Rotary Club of Salem. June 8, 2011. PDF
  4. Building the Framework of Conservation in America. March 30, 2011. PDF | Draft paper
  5. Forests for a Richer Future - Sustaining the Quality of Human Life. October 5, 2011. PDF
  6. Forests and Climate: Keeping Earth a Livable Place. July 2011. PDF
  7. Forests-Climate Presentation to Oregon Global Warming Commission Forest Committee. July 7, 2011. PDF
  8. Tree School. PDF
  9. Building the Framework of Conservation in America. March 30, 2010. PDF | Draft paper

Selected Addresses/Testimonies:

  1. Testimony on: "Failed Federal Forest Policies: Endangering Jobs, Forests and Species". Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Field Hearing. U.S. House of Representatives. Colitz Cowlitz County Expo, Longview, WA. May 21, 2012. PDF
  2. Fall All College Meeting. State of the College 2011-12. September 23.
  3. Fall All College Meeting. State of the College 2010-11. September 23. PDF
  4. OSU College of Forestry All College Meeting. OSU Implementation Plan Principles. October 9, 2009. PDF
  5. Oregon House of Representatives. House Bill 2214 Testimony. March 24, 2009. Salem, OR. PDF