Trappe, Jim

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Selected Publications: 
  1. Smith, M.E., Schell, K.J., Castellano, M.A., Trappe, M.J. and J. Trappe. 2013. The enigmatic truffle Fevansia aurantiaca is an ectomycorrhizal member of the Albatrellus lineage. Mycorrhiza 23:663–668. PDF
  2. Trappe, J., Castellano, M.A., Halling, R.E., Osmundson, T.W., Binder, M., Fechner, N., and N. Malajczuk. 2013. Australasian sequestrate fungi 18: Solioccasus polychromus gen. & sp. nov., a richly colored, tropical to subtropical, hypogeous fungus. Mycologia, 105(4), pp. 888–895. PDF
  3. Bonito G, Smith M, Nowak M, Healy R, Guevara G, Cázares E, Kinoshita A, Nouhra E, Domínguez L, Tedersoo L, Murat C, Wang Y, Moreno B, Pfister D, Nara K, ZambonelliA, Trappe J, Vilgalys R. 2013. Phylogeography and diversification of truffles in the Tuberaceae and its newly identified sister lineage. PLoS ONE 8(1): e52765. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0052765 Online | PDF
  4. Halling, R.E, M. Nuhn, T. Osmundson, N. Fechner, J.M. Trappe, K. Soytong, D. Arora, D.S. Hibbett and M. Binder. 2012. Affinities of the Boletus chromapes group to Royoungia and the description of two new genera, Harrya and Australopilus. Australian Systematic Botany 25: 418–431. PDF
  5. Giachini, A.J., C.M. Camelini, M.J. Rossi, C.R.F.S. Soares, and J.M. Trappe. 2012. Systematics of the Gomphales: the genus Gomphus sensu stricto. Mycotaxon 120:385–400. PDF
  6. Trappe, J. 2009. The hunted: commercially attractive truffles native to North America. In Les champignons forestiers comestibles à potentiel commercial. ÉDITEUR. Biopterre, ACCHF, Université Laval, CEF, RNC. pp. 1-5. PDF