Zald, Harold

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Office Location: 
305 FSL
Email Address: 

Forest Ecology

Educational Background: 
  • Ph.D., 2010, Oregon State University
  • M.S., 2002, University of Michigan
  • B.S., 1997, University of Michigan
Research Interests: 

Landscape ecology, dendroecology, restoration and management of mixed-conifer forests, treeline ecology, integrating field data with remotely sensed imagery.

Current/Recent Programs: 
  1. Implications of thinning conifer forests to adapt to climate change.
  2. Multi-scale climatic, topographic, and biotic controls of tree invasion in the forest tundra ecotone.
  3. Determining past, present, and future composition and structural dynamics of Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forests in response to altered disturbance regimes and climate change.
Selected Publications: 
  1. HSJ Zald, Spies TA, Huso M, Gatziolis D (2012) Climatic, landform, microtopographic, and overstory canopy controls of tree invasion in a subalpine meadow landscape, Oregon Cascades, USA. Landscape Ecology 8: 1197-1212.
  2. Zald HSJ (2009) Extent and spatial patterns of grass bald meadow loss (1948- 2000), Oregon Coast Range, USA.  Plant Ecology 201: 517-529.
  3. Zald HSJ, Gray AN, North M, Kern RA (2008) Initial tree regeneration responses to fire and thinning treatment in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest, USA.  Forest Ecology and Management 256:168-179.
  4. Meyer M, North M, Gray AN, Zald HSJ (2007) Influence of Soil Thickness on Stand Characteristics in a Sierra Nevada Mixed-Conifer Forest.  Plant and Soil 294:113-123.  
  5. Hurteau M, North M, Zald HSJ (2007) Species-specific response to climate reconstruction in upper-elevation mixed-conifer forests of the western Sierra Nevada, California, USA.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research 37:1681-1691. 
  6. North M, Innes J, Zald HSJ (2007) Comparison of thinning and prescribed fire restoration treatments to Sierran mixed-conifer historic conditions.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research 37:331-342. 
  7. Gray AN, Zald HSJ, Kern RA, North M (2005) Stand conditions associated with tree regeneration in Sierran mixed-conifer forests.  Forest Science 51:198-210.  
  8. Wilking M, Juday GP, Barber VA, Zald HSJ (2004) Recent climate warming forces contrasting growth responses of white spruce at treeline in Alaska through temperature thresholds.  Global Change Biology 10:1724-1736.