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Last year the Oregon Heritage Tree Committee honored Paul Ries with it highest distinction, the Maynard C. Drawson Memorial Award. In honoring Ries, the committee noted his dedication to the heritage...(Full Story)

Jaclyn is studying the constraints that people face when visiting urban parks in Portland to find out how that affects their feelings about parks and recreation.(Full Story)

Old forests that contain large trees and a diversity of tree sizes and species may offer refuge to some types of birds facing threats in a warming climate, scientists have found.

In a paper published in December 2017 in Diversity and Distributions, a professional journal, researchers in...(Full Story)

Human activities are reshaping forest animal communities around the world. Forest-dwelling animals don’t have to live right by a road, pasture or human settlement to be affected by what scientists call forest edges. Indeed, animals up to a kilometer (0.6 miles) from an edge show a measurable...(Full Story)

A new global analysis of forest habitat loss and wildlife extinction risk published today in the journal Nature shows that species most at risk live in areas just beginning to see the impacts of human activities such as hunting, mining, logging and ranching.

The researchers argue that...(Full Story)

Comparing temperature regimes under the canopy in old-growth and plantation forests in the Oregon Cascades, researchers found that the characteristics of old growth reduce maximum spring and summer air temperatures as much as 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit), compared to those...(Full Story)

Oregon State professor Jim Rivers calls the marbled murrelet — a small seabird native to the North Pacific — a flagship species for healthy ecosystems because it is one of the only birds in the world that gets all of...(Full Story)

In the summer of 2016, ten Oregon State University students traveled to Malaysian Borneo to study forest conservation in an area of rich biodiversity. John Bliss, formerly associate dean of...(Full Story)