Borneo Banner Story

In the summer of 2016, ten Oregon State University students traveled to Malaysian Borneo to study forest conservation in an area of rich biodiversity. John Bliss, formerly associate dean of international programs, now professor emeritus, led the trip with Ph.D. student Gretchen Engbring.

Through a unique partnership, a major portion of the program was funded by the American Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The embassy has a strong interest in building relationships with forestry professionals whom they believe can work with Malaysian peers to conserve Bornean forest habitat.

Michele Justice, director of international programs for the Oregon State College of Forestry, says the trip represents the beginning of a strategic partnership that will facilitate an exchange of ideas between Oregon State researchers and Bornean forest managers to help address important forest challenges.

Read the full story in the Spring 2017 issue of Focus.