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Oregon State professor Jim Rivers calls the marbled murrelet — a small seabird native to the North Pacific — a flagship species for healthy ecosystems because it is one of the only birds in the world that gets all of...(Full Story)

In the summer of 2016, ten Oregon State University students traveled to Malaysian Borneo to study forest conservation in an area of rich biodiversity. John Bliss, formerly associate dean of...(Full Story)

Current wildfire policy can’t adequately protect people, homes and ecosystems from the longer, hotter fire seasons climate change is causing, according to a report published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Efforts to extinguish every blaze and to reduce the...(Full Story)

Describe your unique position with the College of Forestry.
My position was just created two years ago. It’s a blend of research and providing assistance through the Oregon State University Extension Service, not just one or the other. My focus is on collaboration....(Full Story)

Senior natural resources student Amanda Allen-Kahl climbs up a slope cut from the reddish-brown earth below her feet and hops down into a pit in the soil. It looks as if a bulldozer took a...(Full Story)

Matt Betts knows all of the songbirds in the forest by ear, but at Chip Ross Park in Corvallis, he stands silently and picks out the song of an orange-crowned warbler.

“In some parts of its...(Full Story)

Seeking a master’s degree in forest ecosystems and society under the guidance of Barb Lachenbruch, Jamie Mosel is currently in her second year at the Oregon State University College Forestry. Originally from Minnesota, she received her undergraduate degree at St. Olaf College in history and...(Full Story)

Ron Reuter is an associate professor of natural resources at OSU Cascades, and his passion for research covers lots of ground. His varied interests and general inquisitiveness have led him to study...(Full Story)