FES Graduate Student Symposium

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May 21, 2012

Richardson Hall 107 & 115

Program (pdf)


8:30 AM Refreshments

8:45 AM Opening Remarks - Paul Doescher

9:00 AM Dr.Daniel Spencer, Environmental Studies Program, The University of Montana - Recreating [in] Eden: Ethical Issues in Restoration in Wilderness

10:00 AM Hathai Sangsupan - What limits seedling regeneration in a restored tropical forest?: Testing germination in Doi Suthep

10:20 AM James Johnston - Successional and disturbance dynamics in a dry mixed conifer forest, Blue Mountains, Oregon

10:40 AM Break

10:55 AM Andrew Merschel - Getting to the Core: Variation in Age Structure and Composition in Old-growth Mixed-conifer Forests in the Ochoco and Eastern Cascade Mountains

11:15 AM Matt Reilly - Variation in tree mortality rates in mixed-conifer forests of the eastern Cascades and Blue Mountains

11:35 AM Kim Hall - Integrating ecological and economic models to inform invasive species management

12:00 PM Lunch and Student Poster Presentation, Richardson 115

1:00 PM Dr. Barbara J. Bond, Professor of Forest Physiology and Director of Postdoctoral Programs, Oregon State University

2:00 PM Kim Greene - An examination of contextual teaching and learning (CTL) approaches for natural resources education: A case study of CTL in the classroom

2:20 PM Oguz Serif Urhan - Genetic improvement of wood stiffness in young Douglas-fir and western hemlock

2:40 PM Break

2:55 PM Thomas Stokely - Understanding the causal relationships between herbicide application, cervid herbivory and plant species assemblages in early seral forest plantations

3:15 PM Garrett Meigs - Pyrodiversity in Pacific Northwest forests: A photographic journey through space and time

3:35 PM Vanessa Petro - Evaluating beaver relocation as a tool to increase Coho habitat in the Oregon Coast Range

3:55 PM Dalton Hance - Through an Antenna, Darkly: Fall Movement Patterns of Juvenile Coho Salmon in the West Fork Smith River, OR

4:15 PM Dean Hal Salwasser, Closing Remarks