Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Can I enter the Ph.D. program without a Masters degree?"

Allowing students to enter the Ph.D. program without a Masters degree should be an exceptional action taken after careful thought. Any student wishing to attempt a Ph.D. degree without first obtaining a Masters degree must apply and be accepted as an M.S. student and then follow the Requirements for the FES Graduate Program.

Please note that It is expected that students entering a Ph.D. program have the experience and skills equivalent to a MS degree.

This includes:

  • Significant experience in research, including planning, execution, analysis, interpretation, and writing.
  • Depth and breadth, both in research experience and course work
  • Intellectual and emotional maturity. The student should inspire high confidence in his/her ability to complete a Ph.D.

 Both the writing of a research proposal and preliminary exam are an opportunity to assess whether the student should stay in the Ph.D. program or move to the MS/MF program