Graduate Studies

The Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society offers four graduate programs: the Forest Ecosystems and Society program, the Master of Natural Resources program, the Sustainable Natural Resources program, and the Urban Forestry program.  Learn more about these programs below to decide which option is right for you.

Forest Ecosystems and Society

Develops interdisciplinary thinkers, highly capable scientists, and natural resource leaders who are prepared to examine the interface of social science and ecology, and use their understanding to solve the pressing socio-ecological problems that exist across the spectrum.

For additional information on the program requirements and funding, please see our resources for Current Students

Degree Type:

Master of Forestry (MF)
Master of Science (MS)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Master of Natural Resources


Students will study the interactions of ecological, economic, ethical, production, and social systems. Moreover, students will learn from and network with world renowned OSU faculty in natural resources - including scientists from fisheries, wildlife, forestry, rangeland and water departments - while developing analytical and problem solving skills associated with complex natural resources issues.

Degree Type: Master of Natural Resources (MNR)


Sustainable Natural Resources


Designed for all students, especially company, industry or agency employees who desire training in solving complex sustainability problems.  Students complete an integrated course of study in a dynamic learning community, under the mentorship of professionals, to design workable solutions for ocmplex natural resource issues of local, state, regional, national, and international importance.

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate

Urban Forestry


Students will learn to effectively apply the principles of urban forestry, green infrastructure, planning, policy, management, and leadership to the management of urban forests and urban forestry programs.  Through the completion of this program, students will gain the knowledge and skills to address complex urban natural resource issues at national, state, or local levels.

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate

Forests and Climate Change


Designed to train working professionals - mid career, company, industry and agency employees - who want more experience in natural resources management and climate change.  After graduating, students will be able to make informed decisions about managing forests in an era of climate change.

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

The Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society participates in seven interdisciplinary degree programs. If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, please follow the application procedures detailed on the program's website (listed below).