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Businessmen pick up option to buy land under Mirror Pond

Matt Shinderman, a member of the Mirror Pond ad hoc committee, said it is important to complete the public process to determine the future of Mirror Pond. Shinderman is an instructor at Oregon State University-Cascades Campus, where he teaches courses in environmental policy, sustainability and ecological restoration.

Ron Wyden unveils O&C management bill, saying it will create jobs while protecting forest ecology

Wyden's new plan relies heavily on the work of forest scientists Jerry Franklin of the University of Washington and K. Norman Johnson of Oregon State University. Both were key advisers in helping develop the Northwest Forest Plan in the mid-1990s after spotted owl protections led to a huge drop in logging on federal lands.

Paul Ries receives SMA award

Paul Ries recently received the Society of Municipal Arborists Award of Achievement - Given "In recognition of his dedicated and meritorious service to the Society and its programs, and his teaching and leadership at the Municipal Forestry Institute." Congratulations Paul!

People, Poverty, and Natural Resources

While completing her master’s degree in environmental studies at Yale, H. Jo Albers was struck by the fact that rural people in developing countries relied so heavily on natural resources for a large portion of their effective income. In interacting so closely with the natural environment, they could be viewed as de facto natural resources managers.

Pesky problem should disappear

Aphids, which are commonly seen during fall, should be seeking winter shelter and disappear this weekend. Paul Oester of the Oregon State University Extension Service said it’s not uncommon to see swarms of the insects around this time of the year.  Paul is a faculty member of the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society.

OSU prof measures recreation

Assessing the needs and habits of hikers, bikers, swimmers and the other recreators in Oregon requires more than a network of comment boxes. To get the job done, Oregon Parks and Recreation tasked Kreg Lindberg, an Oregon State University-Cascades Campus associate professor of tourism and outdoor leadership, with figuring out what everyone thinks. With Randall Rosenberger, who is based at OSU in Corvallis, Lindberg developed a survey that allows the state to examine outdoor recreation across Oregon.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way

Want to know what Mirror Pond could look like without a dam? Experts say: Think like a child. Or, in other words, use some imagination. Matt Shinderman, a natural resources professor at Oregon State University-Cascades, says "Lake Creek looks great now—it looks like it was always that way." And, he adds, the situation at Mirror Pond could benefit from similar efforts.

Researchers study effects of forest fragmentation on hummingbird behavior

FES professor Matthew Betts and researcher Adam Hadley of the Betts Laboratory are both landscape ecologists whose research has primarily revolved around birds. Betts and Hadley investigate the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation of species across 37 distinct isolated patches of forest in Costa Rica, seeking an understanding of how forest fragmentation affects pollination services.

Tree planting plan helps homeowners save energy

College of Forestry graduate Brad Hamel was recently featured on KXAN out of Austin, Texas.  Brad graduated as our first MF in urban forestry the past academic year.  His major professor was Paul Ries.