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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
A Bakar, Balkis Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall
Adams, Darius Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Economics
  • Forest Policy, Public
(541) 737-5504
Adams, Paul Faculty Emeritus Professor and Forest Watershed Extension Specialist
  • Forest Policy, Public
  • Soil Science
(541) 737-2946
Adams, Tom Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Genetics
Admiral, Roger Staff 152 Peavy Hall
(541) 737-3163
Adrean, Lindsay Faculty Faculty Research Assistant 301D Richardson Hall
Adsit-Morris, Devin Graduate Student
Ahrens, Glenn Faculty Assistant Professor, Practice
  • Extension
  • Forest Ecology
  • Silviculture
(503) 655-8631
Albee, Raquel Graduate Student 173 Richardson Hall
Alleau, Yvan Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant 1 201L Richardson Hall
(541) 737-4149
Alzugaray, Patricio Graduate Student 204 Snell Hall
Anderson, Hunter Graduate Student 250 Richardson Hall
Anzinger, Dawn Faculty Senior Instructor
  • Forest Resources
301N Richardson Hall
(541) 737-2099
Appod, Evan Graduate Student
Arbelaez, Raphael Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall
Argerich, Alba Faculty Courtesy Faculty
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Biogeography
  • Chemistry
363 FSL
(541) 758-8856
Arnold, Molly Graduate Student 301G Richardson Hall
Bagley, Jessica Staff Graduate Program Coordinator 321 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-6556
Bailey, John Faculty Professor in FERM and Adjunct Professor in FES
  • Fire Ecology
  • Forest Health
  • Silviculture
317 Snell Hall
(541) 737-1497
Baker, Jenna Graduate Student 307 Richardson Hall
Barbosa, Andre Faculty Adjunct faculty 342 Owen Hall
(541) 737-7291
Barlow, Julie Staff 402 Snell Hall
(541) 737-6790
Barros, Ana Faculty Research Associate (Post-doc) 126A Snell Hall
(541) 602-8027
Batavia, Chelsea Graduate Student 201A Richardson Hall
Beairsto, Cody Graduate Student 163 Richardson Hall