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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
Huth, Emily Graduate Student
Irizarry, Susie Graduate Student 301B Richardson Hall
Irving, Alex Faculty Faculty Research Assistant 304 Richardson Hall
Jackson, Royal Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • International Forestry
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Tourism
Jacob, Rob Graduate Student
Jarecke, Karla Graduate Student
Jayawickrama, Keith Faculty Director 220 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8432
Jensen, Edward Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Ecology
  • Natural Resources
Jiang, Yueyang Faculty Postdoctoral Scholar 302 Richardson Hall
Johnson, K. Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Planning
  • Forest Policy, Public
Jones, Cam Faculty Chemist 3
  • Chemistry
030A Peavy Hall
(541) 737-5122
Jones, Julia Faculty Adjunct professor
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Spatial analysis
(541) 737-1224
Juliano, Kathryn Graduate Student
Kaiser, Doug Graduate Student
Kaupe, Tiana Malia Graduate Student
Kelleher, Patrick Graduate Student
Keller, Atley Graduate Student
Kelly, Sarah Graduate Student 201A Richardson Hall
Kennedy, Adam Faculty Ecosystem Information Management
  • Data Management
  • Ecosystem Ecology
(541) 822-6302
Kennedy, Robert Faculty Adjunct faculty
  • Disturbance Ecology
  • Remote Sensing
(541) 737-6332
Kerns, Becky Faculty Courtesy Faculty; Research Ecologist, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Ecosystem Dynamics and Environmental Change Team, Threat Characterization and Management Program
  • Disturbance Ecology
  • Restoration Ecology
(541) 750-7497
Key, Patrick Graduate Student
Kim, Hankyu Graduate Student 301J Richardson Hall
King, David Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Kirkendall, Nick Graduate Student