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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
Ewert, Carli Graduate Student 307 Richardson Hall
Fasselin, Rosemary Graduate Student
Fasth, Becky Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant
  • Data Management
  • Decomposition Processes
  • Forest Ecology
  • Forest Measurements
  • Forest Modeling
  • Forest Plant Ecology
  • Global Change Biology
  • Statistics
201L Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8431
Fegel, Tiffany Faculty Coordinator of the Master Woodland Managers program and Women Owning Woodlands Network
  • Forest Policy, Private
247 Strand Hall
(971) 409-4030
Ferrell, William Faculty Professor Emeritus
Fickas, Kate Graduate Student
  • Remote Sensing
371 FSL
(541) 758-8764
Fisher, Dianna Graduate Student
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Social Science
303 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8658
Foote, Gabriel Graduate Student 307 Richardson Hall
Frey, Sarah Faculty Post-Doc 301D Richardson Hall
Galbraith, Sara Faculty Research Associate Post-Doc 344 Richardson Hall
Ganio, Lisa Faculty Associate Professor
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Quantitative Ecology 
  • Statistics
  • Study Design
201N Richardson Hall
(541) 737-6577
Gassner, Michael Faculty Senior Instructor
  • Outdoor Adventure Education
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Outdoor Recreation
(541) 322-3131
Gorman, Janet Graduate Student 372 Richardson Hall
Granger, Autumn Staff Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Natural Resources and Renewable Materials Programs 408 Snell Hall
(541) 737-9135
Gray, Andrew Faculty Assistant Professor and Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service
  • Forest Ecology
256 FSL
(541) 750-7252
Gregg, Jillian Faculty Director
  • Terrestrial Systems Science
(541) 829-0456
Gregory, Matthew Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant II
  • Geographic Information Science
307 FSL
(541) 758-7778
Gregory, Ryan Graduate Student
Griffith, Daniel Faculty Research Associate (Post-doc) 302 Richardson Hall
Griffith , Sara Graduate Student
Groh, Frederick Graduate Student
Grotta, Amy Faculty Assistant Professor; Columbia, Washington and Yamhill County Extension
  • Extension
  • Forest Policy, Private
  • Natural Resources
Off Campus
(503) 397-3462
Guerrero, Jennifer Faculty Program Administration 316 Richardson Hall
Hadella, Lucia Graduate Student 201A Richardson Hall
Hadley, Adam Faculty Research Associate 301H Richardson Hall