Griffith, Daniel

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Research Associate (Post-doc)
Forest Ecosystems & Society
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302 Richardson Hall

Ph.D., Biology, Wake Forest University, May 2016. Dissertation: Ecological and Evolutionary Drivers of Species Distributions in the Grassy Biome
B.A., Biology, Vassar College, 2010
My background is in community ecology and plant-herbivore interactions in African savanna ecosystems. Because of this background, I enjoy pursuing spatial and environmental research questions that link interacting processes across spatial grains. My current research has a primary focus on the biogeography of savanna ecosystems, and links patterns at broad extents to evolution, disturbance ecology, genes, community dynamics, and physiology. I also conduct research on tree ecophysiology, forest growth modeling, and biome distributions. Key extensions of these basic research endeavors include conservation of at-risk savanna ecosystems, the improvement of Earth System Models, and teaching.