Recreation Resource Management

Avery Kool

"The faculty and the students involved in the Recreation Resource Management program are what make it great; everyone is open and willing to talk and share their knowledge and resources with one another. With the tools I have acquired during my time at OSU, I have been able to work in many exciting settings, including with Smokey the Bear!"

-Avery Kool, Recreation Resource Management Alumna

  • Beginning in Fall 2017, the Recreation Resource Management and Tourism and Outdoor Leadership degree programs will be combined to form the Tourism, Recreation and Adventure Leadership degree program. For more information about the new program, click here. Current students already majoring in Recreation Resource Management and Tourism and Outdoor Leadership will not be impacted.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Recreation Resource Management (RRM) readies students for careers in the planning, management and overall sustainability of unique recreation resources for recreational purposes. Graduates are prepared to provide quality recreation opportunities to visitors at museums, parks and other public-use facilities.
  • Recreation Resource Management educates students on the recreation resources within every type of ecosystem—forest, desert, coastal, tundra, etc.
  • Not only do students gain a strong science and natural resources foundation, but they also study the social science aspect of forestry and learn to effectively communicate with others.
  • The focus on conservation and sustainability allows graduates to ensure that our recreation resources retain their magnificence for years to come.

What Will You Learn?