What Will You Learn? (Natural Resources)

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources (NR) incorporates an interdisciplinary approach to natural resources while focusing on the wide variety of natural resources found within the U.S. and across the world. Coursework is a mix of natural resource disciplines from the Colleges of Forestry, Agricultural Sciences, Science and Liberal Arts.

The curriculum requires a set of core courses in basic sciences, mathematics, statistics, economics, biology, ecology, and policy. Students then broaden their natural resource knowledge with courses from seven different natural resource disciplines. You may find the Natural Resources (NR) program suited to your career and life goals if you are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to natural resources and a career dealing with the following topics and related endeavors:

  • Land use
  • Water resources
  • Environmental policy
  • Forest or arid land ecology
  • Wildlife management
  • Natural resource education

Students have the opportunity to earn their degree at the Corvallis campus, Cascades campus in Bend, Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, or online through the OSU Ecampus program.

Specialty Option
The NR degree program is extremely flexible, allowing students to combine various areas of interest into their degree. Incorporated in a student’s course of study is the specialty option, which allows students to develop depth and a particular focus within natural resources. In all, there are 16 pre-approved options for students to choose from to help them become more marketable in a specific area of natural resources:

Arid Land Ecology
Ecological Restoration
Fish and Wildlife Conservation  eCampus
Forest Ecosystems
Human Dimensions in Natural Resources  eCampus
Individualized Specialty
Landscape Analysis  eCampus
Law Enforcement Natural Resources
Natural Resource Education
Natural Resource Policy and Management  eCampus
Natural Resources Conservation and Technology
Recreation and Tourism Management
Resource Conservation
Soil Resources
Sustainable Agroforestry
Urban Forest Landscapes  eCampus
Watershed Management
Wildland Fire Ecology

The options available vary according to where you are taking the program (Corvallis Campus, Cascades Campus, Eastern Oregon University/La Grande, or Ecampus). Students may also design their own individualized specialty option with the guidance of their academic advisor.

Natural Resources Undergraduate Advising Guide: Natural Resources Advising Guide

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Interested in the NR degree? Find out more: nr.forestry.oregonstate.edu