Waring Travel Grant Program

Funds are available through this program to support graduate student travel to professional or scientific meetings where they will be presenting. These funds are not meant to provide full support for travel. Applications that demonstrate support from other sources in addition to this program will receive preference in funding. Funds from this program are generally restricted to transportation, lodging, meals, and meeting registration costs. There will be two deadlines for applications each year.


  • November 1
  • March 1

Applications may be submitted at any time, but funding decisions will generally occur within a week after the application deadlines each year. Students are encouraged to plan ahead to meet one of these deadlines. Exceptions may be made to fund proposals at other times to accommodate meeting schedules. Students are only eligible for one grant per academic year.

Application process

An application packet should contain all of the following information:

  • Student name
  • Degree program and date of initial enrollment
  • Major professor
  • Name of the meeting
  • Organization hosting the meeting (if not apparent from the name)
  • Meeting dates
  • Proposed travel dates
  • Type of presentation (volunteer/invited, oral, poster, etc.)
  • Brief abstract of the presentation
  • Budget including estimated expenses and funds available from other sources. The budget should include a justification for any expenses that are not apparent, e.g. rental car, extra days before or after the meeting, etc.
  • Date by which a decision is needed from the committee to confirm travel plans
  • Any supporting documents that might help the committee evaluate the application such as an invitation letter

The application should be submitted as one electronic file to Jessica Bagley and Darrell Ross, Chair, FES Fellowship and Scholarship Committee. Questions about the program should be directed to Darrell Ross.

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