Welcome to Dr. Troy Hall

Dr. Troy Hall will be joining the College of Forestry this summer as Forest Ecosystems and Society’s new Department Head. Troy is an amazing individual. She is an internationally known conservation social scientist who holds degrees in Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology and Forest Resources. She has taught a diverse set of courses that include communication theory, data analysis and interpretation, cross disciplinary research, wilderness management and many more. She has supervised over 30 graduate students and published over 50 refereed journal articles on a wide variety of topics related to conservation and social science. She has served as Department Head of the Department of Conservation Social Sciences at University of Idaho as well as the Director of Graduate Studies for the College of Natural Resources. She is a member of US Forest Service National Wilderness Teams and has a very strong record of research, education and service related to wilderness issues, much of it in Oregon. She also has experience and demonstrated skills in curriculum design and strategic planning that will be very valuable to us as we move our college into the future.

Troy has a strong commitment to enhancing collaborative approaches to bringing scientists and stakeholders together to improve resource management. She will be bringing her vision and leadership skills to the college leadership team and the Forest Ecosystems and Society Department. We could not be more delighted!  Troy will be starting her new position as FES Department Head in the summer of 2014.