About The College Of Forestry

Academic excellence is the hallmark of College of Forestry programs at Oregon State University. Ranked as one of the premier forestry schools in the world, students find a variety of programs that offer broad education, rigorous depth and professional focus. Caring faculty work with students to provide advising, mentoring, research experiences, study abroad opportunities, field labs, exposure to real-world practice and the latest scientific findings. Active student clubs enrich student life through social interaction, links to professional organizations and leadership opportunities.

This is a great place to study, and an OSU College of Forestry degree is sound preparation for the future and an ever-expanding variety of jobs and careers. We’d love to discuss your college plans with you and show how our programs might fit your needs - come visit!

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Thomas H. DeLuca
Cheryl Ramberg-Ford and Allyn C. Ford Dean



Through teaching, research and outreach, we aspire to create a more sustainable world.


We explore, evaluate, communicate and catalyze new possibilities in forestry and advance sustainable solutions to challenges facing society.

Academic Departments

Forest Engineering, Resources & Management

Forest Engineering, Resources + Management

Develops, communicates, and teaches the science and engineering necessary for sustainable management of forest, land, and water resources to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives.

Forest Ecosystems & Society

Forest Ecosystems + Society

Brings together students, staff and faculty with interest and expertise in forest biology and social science to tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing us today. 

Wood Science + Engineering

Wood Science + Engineering

A multidisciplinary department focused on the science, technology, engineering and business practices that help society sustainably meet our needs.

Meet The College

College Research Forests

The Oregon State College of Forestry manages 15,000 acres of research forests across the state. These forests are living laboratories where students, faculty, and staff learn, study, and work. Additional information can be learned from the OSU Research Forest FAQs.