Forest Ecosystems and Society Graduate Program Resources

Please direct questions to Juliet Sutton (Graduate Program Coordinator) at or (541) 737-6088.

FES Graduate Program Handbook
Click here to access the FES Graduate Program Handbook online. The FES Graduate Program Handbook is the go-to reference for everything relating to the FES Graduate Program, including:

  • Program requirements: What they are, when they are due, and how to complete them
  • Admissions: Requirements, procedures, deadlines, and other information for potential students
  • Funding: How to find, apply for, and receive funding at the departmental, college, and University level
  • Resources: How your major professor, program administrators, and college and University resources can help you succeed

Please contact the FES Graduate Program Coordinator to access a FES Graduate Program Handbook optimized for home printing.

Forms & Resources
Please review degree requirements in the FES Graduate Program Handbook and on the Graduate School webpage. Additional paperwork may be required to complete your graduate program.

FES Department Graduate Fund

Degree Program Materials

Assessments & Evaluations